Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mapping a simple building in 3DS max

In the previous post I talked about General texturing. I skipped the bit about mapping, sorry.

There are a number of ways to map/edit textures to polygons, and I use different methods depending on what it is I am modelling.

Here I will show you how to model a simple Farm building, It will be done in a few parts as each post takes a little time.

I will be using the same textures as the previous post. the texture is 1024 pixels high and 512 pixels wide. 2-1 ratio.

I create a box in max in the top view.
Length 5M
Width 5M
Height 10M

and I make sure Generate Mapping Coords is ticked.

I create a new kuju material (tex diff will do for now) and apply it to the object.

I convert the model to edit poly and in the front view I select the edit poly option and detach the front polygon, then delete the original shape so that I am left with a flat plane facing forwards, this is going to be the front of my building.

I select the poly option and select Slice in the modifier list.

Right click the orange slice plane and select slice plane.

This allows you to rotate and move the place around the object, if you have followed these steps the slice plane should be cutting your polygon through the middle in the horizontal plane.

I move my slice plane down to the bottom of my wall.

However I want to slice my polygon a number of times so I need to copy the slice plane.
I click on the slice plane in the modifier stack.

I then click on the modifier stack again and select paste.

Repeat the process of moving the slice plane to where you want to cut next.

Once done I collapse the stack and make the object edit poly again.

I now select each polygon and detach them till I have 4 different objects.
These 4 objects are all that is needed to make your basic shape.
Windows and doors will be cut in later.
I select the wall section and hide the other 3 objects.
I move the wall down till it is centered at 0.

I select line in the modifier window (1) and I tick the preserve UVs (2)

Now then as i want my building to be longer than 5 M's so I am going to drag the right hand edge. Because we have the preserved UV button ticked and our polygon is mapped perfectly you will see no distortion in the mapping as you make the wall as long as you want.

Once you have made the wall as long as you want un tick the  preserve UV button.

End of Part 1

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  1. Hi Derek

    It may have been some time ago that you put up this post but I am now in a situation to make good use of your examples and tips.

    Thanks for the advice which it is making a big difference to my 3D modelling experience.

    Geoff Potter