Sunday, 20 September 2009

Get organised

Before we talk about art and creating we need to talk about structure.
Being creative is great, but being organised is key to managing your work.

Folder structure

For Provider and product information please see the RWs wiki;
Setup a folder structure in source that makes sense to you and others who may need to activate it in the set object filter.
My provider name is always RSderek, within the RSderek folder I have different folders, these are my products.
One of my products is; WearValleyRailway, I have others called Giveaway, Class02 and SW1500.
There are others but they are top secret!


Use sensible names.
I have come across many downloads from UKTS and that use the word Addon as the product.
How is anyone supposed to know what that is when they are ticking it?
Also, keep projects seperate, no need to bloat yours or users routes with unwanted addons/assets.

Lastly, keep all files in each folder separate, don’t share any files between products.

These are the basics, but I still see users not setting them up correctly.
Get organised!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Where art thou?

In this blog I'll be talking about how go about creating art assets for RailWorks.

There will be a Q and A, tutorials, hints and tips along with posts from guest creators.

If you are a budding content creator for RailWorks then this is the place for you.

Before we get going there is already a wealth of information on the RWs Wiki;